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Aviation Division      

The Aviation Division was created in 1963 to cooperate with all public and private agencies and organizations, state, local and federal, to encourage and advance general aviation in New Mexico.

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 9830
Albuquerque, NM 87119


Steve Summers, Director Office: 505-244-1788 Ext. 9115 steve.summers@state.nm.us


The Aviation Division coordinates and administers state grants for construction, development and maintenance of public use airport facilities. It also issues grants to promote air service.

Dan Moran, Grants Administrator Office: 505-244-1788 Ext. 9112 dan.moran@state.nm.us


The Division provides planning and technical support in developing and maintaining the State's airports and other elements of the aviation system.  The Division engages in planning for the development of a system of public use airports within the state.  This includes the development and continuous enhancement of the State's Airport System.  

Jane Lucero, Airport Development Administrator Office: 505-244-1788 Ext. 9111 


Angela Archibeque, Airport Development Specialist Office: 505-244-1788 Ext. 9113 



The Aviation Division is responsible for the registration of all aircraft based in New Mexico and for the licensing of aircraft dealers.

Mark Harris, Aircraft Registrar Office: 505-244-1788 Ext. 9110 mark.harris@state.nm.us


The Division assembles and distributes to the public, information relating to aviation, landing fields, beacons and other matters pertaining to aviation.  Conducts pilot seminars dealing with safety issues, publishes the New Mexico Aeronautical Chart and provides for the gathering and dissemination of information related to aviation safety, inspection, regulatory and compliance knowledge.  The Division conducts inspections of New Mexico airports on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration.

VACANT AS&E Administrator Office: 505-244-1788  aviation.division@state.nm.us