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Program Management

The Program Management Division is a multi-disciplinary group of managers, engineers, technicians, and financial professionals with responsibility for managing, supporting and delivery of the DOT’s annual transportation program.

The DOT’s overall program management and project delivery are accomplished through the following inter-dependent but distinct functional areas of the Division: Statewide Transportation Improvement Progam (STIP), Project Production and Scheduling Unit, Plans Specifications & Estimating Bureau, Professional Services Contracts Unit, and Value Engineering Program.

The Environmental Design Division which includes the Human and Natural Resources Bureau, Cultural Resources Bureau and the Environmental Geology Bureau are also managed by the Program Management Division. The Bureaus oversee the environmental clearances of all NMDOT projects.

The Division is committed to program management and delivery rated, “Best Value,” while carefully considering the intent and flexibility offered by policy and regulation.


Elias Archuleta, P.E., Chief Engineer Office:505-827-9853 elias.archuleta@state.nm.us
1120 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Project Production & Scheduling Unit

The Project Production & Scheduling Bureau is charged with the overall management of the transportation improvement program which includes projects scheduled for contract letting. Management's responsibility is to maintain and support the DOT’s multi-project scheduling system (Program Project Management System – PPMS). The scheduling component of PPMS is driven by Primavera scheduling 0136 software. The products of PPMS are varying types of scheduling and production reports that allow the DOT to assess the status of the program and make key decisions regarding program delivery. These reports also serve the construction community which allows them to plan their resources and opportunities for b 0FDE idding.

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87505


The Environmental Development Section guides and directs the Department in environmental stewardship, cultural resource management, and public involvement in order to assist in the environmentally responsible development, construction, and maintenance of a quality transportation system. The Bureau obtains environmental and cultural resource approvals for transportation projects through NEPA investigations, consultations, analysis, and documentation.  Roadside Environment Design provides specifications and consulting on revegetation, erosion control, aesthetics, and vegetation management for new and on-going projects for all state highway rights-of-way (ROW). Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) functions within the Environmental Development Section and provides methods and assistance in incorporating community and environmental values into the transportation facilities being designed statewide.

R. Blake Roxlau, Environmental Design Manager Office: 505-827-5224 Fax: 505-827-3243 blake.roxlau@state.nm.us

1120 Cerillos Rd., Room 205 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149


In an effort to minimize the risk of regulatory enforcement against the NMDOT, cost overruns, and in support of worker safety, the Environ 1022 mental Geology Section (EGS) maintains three programs: 

The Hazardous Material Investigation Program - the EGS identifies and assesses hazardous material-related conditions for their impact on NMDOT construction projects.  The EGS also provides investigation guidance to municipalities and tribal governments for their own transportation projects.

The Underground Storage Tank Remediation Program - the EGS manages the monitoring and remediation of fuel releases on properties owned by the Department.

Technical Assistance Program – the EGS offers regulatory and investigation assistance to NMDOT offices on non-project related concerns.

For assistance, please contact:

Audrey Moore, Environmental Geology Section Manager Office: 505-827-1715 audrey.moore@state.nm.us

Jim Mullany, UST Remediation Program Manager Office: 505-827-5512 jim.mullany@state.nm.us

Monica Stefanoff, Geoscientist, Office: 505-827-1078, monica.stefanoff@state.nm.us

Consultant Management Unit

The NMDOT through the Office of Infrastructure through the Regional Design, Engineering Support and Program Management Divisions determine the annual need for Consultant Services based on the Federal and State Transportation Program and availability of internal design resources.  Once these needs have been determined the CMU will work with the Regional Design Divisions and/or Engineering Support Managers to establish a budget based scope of each project.  The CMU in cooperation with the Project Development Engineer (PDE) or the Engineering Support Manager will be responsible for preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Once the RFP is prepared the CMU will be responsible for the advertisement, consultant selection process and contract award process.  Once the contract is executed the PDE or Engineering Support Manager is responsible contract management including ensuring the project remains on schedule, remains on scope and that all deliverables are received per the contract.  The CMU is responsible for receiving and processing invoices.  Amendments will be requested by the PDE as warranted and approved in accordance established NMDOT procurement procedures.  The CMU will be responsible for processing the amendment. 

The Consultant Management Unit will be responsible for maintaining a project file with all contract documents (including the RFP, negotiation documents, contract, and contract amendments), payment documentation, closeout documents, and any pertinent correspondence between the NMDOT and the Consultant.

Suzanne Salazar, Consultant Management Manager Office: 505-827-3239 suzanne.salazar@state.nm.us
P.O. Box 1149 Room 207 Santa Fe, NM 87504

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The Program Management Division is responsible with developing a four-year STIP that is cooperatively and/or consultatively planned, comprehensive in scope through the innovative use of Federal and State resources, fiscally constrained and attempt to address the multimodal transportation needs of New Mexico’s transportation customers.

The State’s four-year transportation preservation and capital improvement program identifies multi-modal transportation projects that use Federal, State Bond, State priority, State Capital Outlay and local government transportation funds. It includes projects of regional significance (projects with high public interest or air quality impacts) and projects in the National Parks, National Forests and Indian Reservations.

Rebecca Maes, STIP Coordinator  Office: 505-476-3785 rebecca.maes@state.nm.us

NMDOT - Process Environmental Linkage (PEL) Project Development Workflow Charts

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Activities Description Manual

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