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District 3 

Kenneth Murphy, P.E.
District Engineer
P.O. Box 91750
Albuquerque, NM 87199
Telephone: 505-934-0354
Toll Free: 866-466-8178
Fax: 505-798-6663

Justin Gibson, P.E.
Assistant District Engineer - Construction

Isaac Chavez, P.E.
Area Project Manager - Construction


NM 14 Study and Rehabilitation

Scope:  The New Mexico Department of Transportation is planning several improvements on NM 14 over the next several years.  These improvements and anticipated funding and construction timeframes are as follows:

  • Pavement Rehabilitation in three phases:
    • Phase 1: Milepost 0 to 2, Anticipated Construction Spring/Summer 2018
    • Phase 2: Milepost 2 to 4, Funding programmed in 2018 and 2019, Anticipated Construction Spring/Summer 2019
    • Phase 3: Milepost 4 to 6, TBD
  • Slope Stabilization for slope on east side on NM 14 between milepost 3.5 and 4.2. TBD 
  • Intersection Evaluation of NM 14 / NM 536 / Frost Rd intersection and development of alternatives for reconstruction. TBD

Project Sponsor: NMDOT

Comments or questions may be sent to the following addresses:

Attn: NM 14
6100 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 700
Albuquerque NM 87110
(505) 878-6554
Email: Paul.Steffin@wsp.com

7500 Pan American Freeway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505) 798-6750
Email: Leslie.Fortier@state.nm.us

NM 6 Bridge Replacement over the Rio Grande

Scope: The overall project area is on NM6/Main Street between milepost 35.21(Carson Drive intersection) and milepost 35.80 (Edeal Road Intersection) with a total project length of 0.59 miles and a structure length of 966 feet. The existing bridge is the only Rio Grande river crossing in Los Lunas, and is one of only two primary river crossings in Valencia County.

Anticipated Start Date:  Design- Spring 2017
Anticipated Start Date:  Construction 2019-2020 (Tentative)

Project Sponsor: NMDOT

Comments and/or questions specific to the study may be sent to the address below until May 12, 2017:

WSP/Parsons Brinkerhoff
Attn: NM 6 Bridge Project 

6100 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 878-6581
Email: fredinejl@pbworld.com 

Interstate 25 at Rio Bravo Interchange Project

Scope: The NMDOT is reconstructing the I-25 and Rio Bravo Interchange and the Rio Bravo roadway corridor from University to the AMAFCA channel. Improvements will include a new intersection layout at I-25/Rio Bravo and new roadway pavement and features within the right-of-way infrastructure including Multi-modal improvements.

Approximate Cost: TBD
Anticipated Start Date: TBD Project Bidding March 2017
Expected Completion Date: TBD

Project Sponsor:
NMDOT Emiliano Martinez, Project Manager (505) 220-1148



I-25 South corridor study

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is conducting an engineering study for the South I-25 Corridor from the NM 47/Broadway Interchange to the I-40/I-25 Interchange.

Project Purpose:

The objective of the study is to identify transportation needs in the corridor and to develop a priority plan that will enable the NMDOT to program funds for both near and long term projects.

Public Meetings:

The team offers the public updates on the status of the study and the findings of the detailed analysis at public meetings. The team seeks comments from the public as part of the evaluation of the alternatives prior to deciding on a preferred improvement alternative for the corridor.

If you have questions about the study please contact:

• Priscilla Benavides P.E., NMDOT Central Region Design Manager at (505) 798-6720 Priscilla.Benavides@state.nm.us

Or comments and/or questions specific to this study may be sent to:

Attn: South I-25 Corridor Study

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
6100 Uptown Boulevard NE, Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Or email your comments to: wagnercs@pbworld.com.

To request Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations for public meetings, please contact Cheryl Wagner with Parsons Brinckerhoff at least two days prior. See meeting schedule in ‘documents’ section.

Interstate 40 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Scope: The NMDOT is rehabilitating I-40 concrete pavement including concrete slab replacement and partial depth concrete east and west bound from the Rio Grande River to 6th street.

Approximate Cost: $9,435,457.70
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2019

Project Sponsor:
NMDOT Jeremy Maestas, Project Manager (505) 259-9567


Structures, Inc.
4 Inverness Court East Ste 250
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 770-7878

US 550 Bridge over Rio Grande in Bernalillo

Scope: The NMDOT is constructing a parallel bridge over the Rio Grande in Bernalillo on US 550. The project will also have pavement rehabilitation, pavement widening, storm drain construction, lighting and traffic signals. The project will be from Santa Ana Road East of the River to Jemez Dam west of the River.

Approximate Cost: $13,141,332.85
Expected Completion Date: Late 2018

Project Sponsor:
NMDOT Patsy Najar, Project Manager (505) 401-9702


FNF Construction
115 S. 48th Street
Albuquerque, NM 87119
(505) 242-4848

NM 14 Pavement Preservation

Scope: The NMDOT is preforming pavement preservation on New Mexico State route 14 in Tijeras, NM from Mile post zero at I-40 overpass to Milepost 2.0. This project will consist of mill and overlay of existing roadway, curb and gutter replacement , storm drain drop inlet replacement, curb ramps, signing and striping.

Approximate Cost: $2,653,142.50
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2018

Project Sponsor:
NMDOT Patsy Najar, Project Manager (505) 401-9702


Mountain States Constructors Inc.
3601 Pan American Frwy NE # 111
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 292-0108

Louisiana and I-40 Ramps

Scope: The NMDOT through its awarded Contractor AUI Inc will be performing Grout Densification to the Louisiana Eastbound I-40 Off ramp and On ramp and at Louisiana Blvd north and south bound directly adjacent to the north side of the Louisiana Bridge abutment and reconstruction of the base and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement. The project will also include improvements to ADA curb ramps on the Northside of the Louisiana and I-40 bridge.

Approximate Cost: $4,559,081.30
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2018

Project Sponsor:
NMDOT Jeremy Maestas, Project Manager (505) 259-9567


AUI Inc.
P.O. Box 9825
Albuquerque, NM 87119

NM 314 and Courthouse Rd. Intersection

Scope:  The New Mexico Department of Transportation will be reconstructing the intersection of NM 314 and Courthouse Rd in Los Lunas due to identified safety issues.  The safety issues include skewed intersection geometry, close proximity of the rail crossing to the intersection, and a lack of dedicated turning lanes on NM 314. Planned improvements include realigning either Courthouse Rd or Juan Perea Rd to intersect NM 314 at Colonial Avenue, adding northbound and southbound left turn lanes and a northbound right turn lane on NM 314, and reconstructing the rail crossing, pedestrian trail, and sidewalks at the new intersection location.

Anticipated Start Date:  Spring 2020

Project Sponsor: NMDOT

Public Meeting:  A public meeting will be held on May 23rd, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Los Lunas Transportation Center (101 Courthouse Rd, Los Lunas, NM 87031).  The purpose of the meeting is to present the safety issues identified with the existing intersection configuration, the improvement alternatives under consideration, the planned public involvement process, and to solicit comments from the public.

Please contact the following to provide comments or to ask questions specific to this project:

Patrick Byrd with Lee Engineering
Phone: (505) 338-0988
Email: pbyrd@lee-eng.com

Lee Engineering
Attn: NM 314 and Courthouse Rd.
8220 San Pedro Dr. NE, Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Leslie Fortier with NMDOT
Phone: (505) 231-0512
Email: Leslie.fortier@state.nm.us

Attn: Leslie Fortier
7500 Pan American Freeway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

NM 314 at Courthouse Rd RSA Final Report

Presentation of NM 314 & Courthouse Rd.