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District 4

David E. Trujillo, P.E.
District Engineer

28 Bibb Industrial
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Tel.: 505-660-3751


NM 72 mile marker 7 to mile marker 30 East of Raton via Yankee to Folsom  

NM 406 mile marker 0 to mile marker 35 Clayton noth via Moses to Jct NM 456

NM 370 mile marker 0 to mile marker 47 North of Clayton to Jct NM 456

NM 456 mile marker 0 to mile marker 58 Folsom north to NM/OK stateline

NM 551 mile marker 0 to mile marker 6 North of Folsom to the NM/CO stateline

Seasonal closure due to harsh winter conditions often experienced in areas throughout northeast New Mexico.   All closings and openings are subject to change depending on weather conditions.


NM 120 mile marker 4 to mile marker 12  (Black Lake to Ocate) Unimproved gravel road section, may be difficult to navigate. Icy conditions exist between mile marker 7 and mile 8. This section is subject to seasonal closure due to winter conditions. Please seek alternate route.

NM 526 from mile marker 0 to mile marker 6 Lake Maloya 

The road ends at the state line. This is a permanent alert.

NM 456 from mile marker 20 to mile marker 38 Between Folsom to OK stateline

This an unimproved gravel road section which may be difficult to navigate.  This description is permanent and has no expiration date.

NM 434  mile maker 17 to mile marker 20 -- Guadalupita North

Scope: Roadway Reconstruction and bridge replacement

Contractor:Villalobos Construction    Project Manager: Veronica Lovato-Lerma 505-454-3690

NM 104  mile maker 63 to mile marker 65  Garita

Scope: Roadway Reconstruction and bridge replacement

Contractor: Vital Construction  Project Manager: David M. Gonzales  575-461-4619

US 54 mile marker 324.9 to mile maker 326.30 -- Logan

Scope: Bridge/Roadway  new construction

Contractor: Fisher Sand and Gravel  Project Manager: David M. Gonzales  575-461-4619