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District 5

Paul Brasher, P.E.
District Engineer

Box 4127, Coronado
Santa Fe, NM 87502-4127
Telephone: 505-795-0533

Upcoming Proposed Projects:

NM 17 Road Improvements in Chama CN 5100830:

Scope: The New Mexico Department of Transportation in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration is proposing roadway improvements starting at milepost 0.0 located at the US 64 intersection and extending north on NM Highway 17 to milepost 1.32 at the 6th Street intersection.  The project is intended to address deteriorating roadway surface conditions, bicycle and pedestrian deficiencies including Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, drainage problems within the right-of-way, skewed geometric conditions at intersecting cross streets, and access management.  The proposed improvements currently include mill and overlay of the existing roadway and full depth pavement replacement of 5-foot wide shoulders/bike lanes and addition of 5-foot wide sidewalks separated by roadside linear swales. 

An image of the map showing the construction zone

Click here or the image for a larder version.

Estimated Project Cost: $4,000,000

Anticipated Start Date:  April 2023

Project Sponsor:
Dana Garcia, P.E.
NMDOT, North Region Design Project Development Engineer
Phone:  505-231-7663
Email:  dana.garcia@state.nm.us

Project Documents:

NM 68 Road & Bridge Project from Milepost 6.30 to Milepost 10.1 through Alcalde, CN 5100461:

The NMDOT, in cooperation with FHWA, is proposing to reconstruct the NM 68 roadway corridor beginning at milepost 6.863 in Alcalde and ending at MP 12.706 near the Velarde Elementary School in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.  The project will be split into two phases for construction.  Phase 1 will consist of approximately 3.3 miles of NM 68 from MP 6.863 to MP 10.116. Phase 2 will consist of approximately 2.6 miles of NM 68 from MP 10.116 to MP 12.706.  The project is needed to address safety concerns; design deficiencies to roadway, bridge, and drainage elements; pavement structure failure, and settlement due to collapsible soils.  The purpose of the project is to improve the roadway condition and create safe turning movements.  The proposed project would involve roadway and bridge construction, drainage improvements, vertical grade and super elevation improvements, access control, signing and striping including  raising the grade of existing driveway tie-ins; closure of median crossovers; cleaning of drainage structures; installing rip rap and energy dissipaters at select drainage structures; replacing Bridge 6760; widening of Bridge 6759, preventative maintenance to six other bridges; guardrail installations; and spot right-of-way fence replacements.  Federal funds will be used for this project.

Estimated Project Cost:  $22.7 Million

Anticipated Start Date:  March 2020 

Project Sponsor:
Dana Garcia, P.E.
NMDOT Project Development Engineer, North Region Design
Office:  505-231-7663

Email:  dana.garcia@state.nm.us

Project Documents:

Public Meeting #1 Advertisement May 2017

Public Meeting #2 Advertisement May 2018

NM 68 and US 64 Roadway Improvements Project from La Posta Road (NM 68, MP 44.425) to Camino la Placita/Rivali Lane (US 64, MP 253.766), CN 5100750:

Scope:  The NM 68/US 64 project is located in the Town of Taos.  NM 68 is designated Paseo del Pueblo Sur from La Posta Road to Kit Carson Street.  US 64 is designated Paseo del Pueblo Norte from Kit Carson Street to Camino de la Placita/Rivali Lane.  The NM 68/US 64 highway is the principal north-south route across Taos providing access to several destinations such as the Taos Plaza, Taos Historic District, and Taos Pueblo.  The purpose of the proposed project is to correct physical and geometric deficiencies, reduce congestion, and improve both safety and mobility.  The purpose is based on the following:  need to maintain business access and safely manage access along the corridor; need to manage on-street storm water flows; need to correct pavement deficiencies; and need to provide safer, better-connected bicycling and pedestrian facilities.  The project will use federal and state funds.

An image of the map showing the construction zone

Click here or the image for a larder version.

Estimated Project Cost: $20,690,394 

Anticipated Start Date:  Jan. 2020

Project Sponsor:
Denise Peralta, PE, Project Development Engineer
Voice: 505-795-0246 Email: Denise.Peralta@state.nm.us

Project Documents:
Phase 1B - Public Meeting #1 Summary, Dec 2016
Phase 1B - Public Meeting #2 Summary, Nov 2017
Phase 1B - Public Meeting #3 Summary, Jan 2018

Phase 1B Alignment Study Report


NM 30 Phase II & III CN 5164410 & CN5100442 Milepost 0.00 to Milepost 7.15

Scope: The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT), and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) propose to improve NM 30, through roadway reconstruction and widening fto improve and assure that the safety requirements of NM 30 are addressed; that the project is in harmony with the local communities and preserves the environmental , scenic, aesthetic, historic and natural resources of the area.

Estimated Project Cost: 29.6 Million
Anticipated Start Date: Winter 2013-2014

Project Sponsor:

Estevan Gonzales, PE, Project Development Engineer
Voice: 505-490-2602 Email: sstevan.gonzales@state.nm.us

Project Documents:

NM 41 (Clark Hill to US 285) Project StudyPhase III CN 5100451:

Scope: The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT), and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) propose to improve NM 41.  The NM 41 Clark Hill to US 285 project study proposes to do shoulder widening and roadway reconstruction to correct and improve structural and pavement problems and to make improvements to two historic bridge structures located within the southern portion of Galisteo and to improve safety within the project limits.
Estimated Project Cost: 8 Million
Anticipated Start Date: TBD

Project Sponsor:

Denise Peralso PE, Project Development Engineer
Voice: 505-995-7700 Email: stephen.lopez@state.nm.us

Project Documents:

Public Meeting: May 3, 2011

US Highway 64 Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Suicide Deterrent System Study, CN 5101020

Scope:  The New Mexico Department of Transportation has initiated a study to evaluate alternatives for a potential physical suicide deterrent system for the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Taos County, New Mexico, the goal being to reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts from the bridge.  The purpose of the study is to understand the structural feasibility of adding a suicide deterrent system to the bridge.  There are several factors the NMDOT is considering to determine the next steps regarding the addition of a potential suicide deterrent system such as technical analysis, public and stakeholder input, historic preservation, and project costs.

Estimated Project Cost:   TBD
Anticipated Start Date:  TBD
Public Information Meeting:  Spring 2018

Project Sponsor:
Manuel Maestas, P.E.
NMDOT, North Region Design Project Development Engineer

Project Resources:
Web Address:  https://riograndegorgebridgestudy.com/
Email Address:  RioGrandeGorgeBridge@hdrinc.com

Mailing Address:
NMDOT c/o Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Study
2155 Louisiana Blvd NE, Ste. 9500
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Previous Studies:  2009 Study, 2015 Study

 Phase A/B Corridor Study US 64/491 San Juan Bridge Crossing in Shiprock, CN 5101010:

Scope:  The NMDOT is conducting a Phase A and B Corridor Study for US 64/491 between MP 21.78 and 23.00 in Shiprock, San Juan County, New Mexico.  The objective of the Phase A process is to analyze the existing conditions, verify the need for improvements and identify and evaluate feasible alternatives that provide a reasonable solution.  Alternatives to improve the corridor and bridge crossing will be evaluated and investigated further during the Phase B process.  Ultimately, the study will assist with identifying future design and construction goals.  The intention of the US 64/491 Corridor Study is to develop a project that has lasting value for the NMDOT, the Shiprock community, San Juan County, and traveling public utilizing this major river crossing.   

Estimated Project Cost:   TBD
Anticipated Start Date: 

Project Contact:
Manuel Maestas, P.E.
NMDOT, North Region Design Project Development Engineer
Office:  505-629-7251
Email:  Manuelito.Maestas@state.nm.us

Project Resources:
Public Meeting Presentation, September 2017
Public Meeting Summary, September 2017


Active Projects:

NM 502 Los Alamos Roadway Reconstruction & Roundabout

 This project will improve NM 502 through Los Alamos between Kneckt Street and Tewa Loop for a total project length of 0.8 miles. The project will include roadway reconstruction, earthwork, curb and gutter, sidewalk, concrete retaining walls, storm drain, landscaping, permanent signing, lighting, traffic signalizations,and utilities.  The project will also replace the existing intersection at NM 502 and Central Avenue with a roundabout to improve traffic flow through Los Alamos.

Project Cost: $ 10.8 Million
Project Start Date: March 2019 

Project Sponsor: 
Duane Garcia, Project Engineer
Voice: 505-753-9818

Star Paving Company
3109 Love Rd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
(505) 877-0380

Roundabout Rules of Road
Driving Roundabouts
Public Meeting March 20, 2019
Environmental Assessment

US 64 between Farmington & Bloomfield in San Juan County, New Mexico, Phase 5 CN F100112 / F100113:

Scope: The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) propose to improve US 64, Phase 5 between Farmington and Bloomfield.  This project is the last of a series of projects between Farmington and Bloomfield that are intended to improve regional mobility in a safe and efficient manner while addressing corridor access issues. The proposed improvements currently include full road reconstruction, addition of an east bound and a west bound lane, raised medians, access management, right and left turn bays, drainage structure extensions, and a new signal for Andrea Drive.  

Project Cost: $34,699,975.28
Project Start Date:  November 2018

Project Sponsor:
Cassie Peskor, Project Manager
Voice: 505-231-6804
Email: Cassie.Peskor@state.nm.us

Mountain States constructors
3602 Pan America Fwy. #111
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Project Documents: Public Meeting Notice, June 2017


2019 Pavement Preservation Project within City of Santa Fe:

St. Michael’s Drive – Pavement Preservation - Cerrillos Road to St. Francis Drive

Guadalupe Street – Pavement Preservation – Paseo de Peralta north to the National Cemetery

Paseo de Peralta – Pavement Preservation – St. Francis Drive to Old Taos Hwy.

NM 599 – Pavement Preservation – NM 14 near the Allsups to U.S. 84/285 Bridge

Project Cost: TBA
Project Start Date:  Summer 2019

Project Sponsor:
Rosanne Rodriguez, Public Information Officer
Voice: 505-205-4992
Email: Rosanne.Rodriguez@state.nm.us


NM Highway 599 and Via Veteraños Intersection Safety Improvements Project, CN S100580:

Scope: The New Mexico Department of Transportation is proposing improvements that will address safety issues at the un-signalized intersection of NM 599 and Via Veteraños Road.  With concerns surrounding two recent traffic fatalities occurring at this intersection, an interim treatment is proposed to mitigate crash risk.  Based on the 2010 MPO, this intersection will be converted to an interchange as funding becomes available.  As an interim safety improvement, the NMDOT is proposing to eliminate direct left turns from Via Veteranos approaches and through movements crossing NM 599.  A lane-separator system will be installed to reduce the complexity and number of conflicts at this location.  Right-out turning movements would be channelized by the lane-separators and at-grade right turn acceleration lanes would be constructed for north and south bound motorists entering NM 599.  The project will use federal highway safety funds.

Project Cost:  $561,571.00
Start Date: 
 April 2019
Project Sponsor:
Jared Rodriguez, Project Manager Asst.
Office:  505-670-2255
Email: Jarred.rodriguez@state.nm.us

Project Documents:

Public Meeting Notice, January 2018
Public Meeting Presentation January 2018
Public Meeting Handout January 2018