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New Mexico Department of Transportation's (NMDOT) Transit and Rail Division provides information to transit providers and the public on public transit service, rules and regulations, applying for federal transit grant programs, transit and rail plans and programs, and permitting procedures for accessing and crossing rail right-of-way. Please see the links below for necessary information for transit providers and grant applicants, as well as other transit related information for transit agencies and the public. The Transit & Rail Division also wants you to know that our staff is available to offer technical assistance, help answer questions, and put you in contact with others who have the same interests and goals.

David Harris,  Transit and Rail Division Director
Office: 505-827-5420 davidc.harris@state.nm.us

Office Location: 1350 Alta Vista St., SB-4, PO Box 1149, Santa Fe, NM 87505


Transit Bureau Chief
Office: Vacant
Marcy Eppler, Transit Planning and Service Coordination Manager

Office: 505-995-7864 marsha.eppler@state.nm.us
Deborah Bach, Rural Transit Programs Manager

Office: 505-827-5218 deborah.bach@state.nm.us


  • Manages the NMDOT Park and Ride intercity bus service.
  • Administers federal transit grant funding and programs, and provides technical and coordination assistance to public and private non-profit public transit systems.
  • Administers federal transit grants used by the state’s larger municipalities for public transit-related programs.
  • Administers federal transit planning grants to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (Metropolitan Planning Program - Section 5303) and Statewide (Section 5304).
  • Administers flexible Federal Highway Administration funds used for transit purposes.
  • Assists local governments to establish Regional Transit Districts (RTDs) and then assists the RTDs to plan, coordinate and implement service.

FY 2018 FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Budget Awards
FY 2017 FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Budget Awards
FY 2016 FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Budget Awards

FY 2015 FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Budget Awards
FY 2014 FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Budget Awards

FY 2013 FTA Section 5310, 5311, 5316, 5317 Budget Awards

FY 2012 FTA Section 5310, 5311, 5316, 5317 Budget Awards

Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plans

State Management Plan

Vehicle Procurement

Title VI

Federal Transit Administration Legislation, Regulations and Guidance


Application Guide

FY 2019 Applications

Letter of Intent to Apply for FY 2019 federal transit grant funds - deadline -  June 23, 2017

FY 2019 applications - COMING SOON

  • FY 2019 Section 5310 (Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities) application
  • FY 2019 Section 5311 (Rural Public Transit) application

Regional Prioritization Evaluation Measures/Criteria


William Craven, Rail Bureau Chief
Office: 505-827-5263 william.craven@state.nm.us
Robert Fine, Rail Facilities and Permitting Manager
Office: 505-827-5133 robert.fine@state.nm.us

  • Manages NM Rail Runner Express passenger rail service in partnership with the Rio Metro Regional Transit District.
  • Provides support for commuter rail planning and operations for existing and proposed passenger rail service.
  • Responsible for preparing and updating the New Mexico State Rail Plan
  • Manages the inspection, maintenance and improvement of NMDOT-owned  railroad property
  • Applies for and administers Federal Railroad Administration grants
  • Manages the state-wide Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Program (Section 130 Program)
  • Manages permit process for new utility or roadway crossings within NMDOT-owned railroad property
  • Manages permit process for temporary occupancy of NMDOT-owned railroad property such as film production, construction access, or environmental monitoring/abatement


The 2014 New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) State Rail Plan describes the current status of the New Mexico rail system, demonstrates the demand for and the benefits of the rail system, and identifies capital infrastructure and operating needs. The Plan also provides a strategic vision and implementation steps to help guide decisions and investments affecting New Mexico’s rail system. The 2014 State Rail Plan complies with Federal requirements and will help position NMDOT to take advantage of Federal planning and funding programs that can facilitate implementation of statewide rail improvements.

States must update their state rail plans every four years to remain current.  A state seeking federal funds for an intercity passenger rail project is required to have that project listed in a current state rail plan accepted by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). However, it is recommended that any rail project that seeks Federal funds be identified in the Rail Plan.

2018 State Rail Plan Update
In April 2017, NMDOT initiated an update of the New Mexico State Rail Plan. NMDOT anticipates that the development of the Rail Plan will continue for eighteen months, concluding in the fall of 2018. Information related to the Rail Plan will be posted on this page.   NMDOT welcomes input via the 2018 State Rail Plan On-line Survey. The public is also invited to email comments to Rail.Plan@state.nm.us .

NMDOT Staff will also be making presentations to the State’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) in the Summer of 2017 to solicit input for the Rail Plan. A schedule for these presentations is available here.