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Completed Research


Legalizing Increased Maximum Truck Weight - NM14ADM-01

This research examined other states’ laws, regulations, and practices to determine which states allow modified & higher truck weights for SHVs, and the impacts to pavement and bridge service life, impacts on safety, the economy, enforcement and the effect on bridge weight limit posting.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Content Management System (CADDCMS): Feasibility Assessment and Market Study - NM11ADM-01 Final Report | Multimedia Presentation

This research project is expected to result in a detailed implementation plan for a CADD CMS that improves engineering workflow efficiency, data integrity, engineering data re-usability, and increases data collaboration throughout the DOT and extended Consultant Community.

Improving Contract Management By End Users - NM10ADM-01 Final Report  |  Contract Management Handbook  |  Multimedia Presentation

The goal of this project is to perform an assessment of the current NMDOT contracting process and develop a training course designed for contract managers to address contract administration and federal and state regulations.

Road Lifecycle Innovative Financing Evaluation Initiative (RoadLife) - NM08ADM-01 Final Report

Community Advisory Groups Road Life 2001 - NM00ADM01 View Report

Proposed Paseo Del Norte Limited Access Hwy Through the Petroglyph National Monument - NM98ADM01 View Report

Staffing Plan Domestic Scan Results Workforce 2002 - NM99ADM01 View Report

A survey of State Transportation Agencies in the United States that was conducted to identify staffing plan practices and concerns. The survey responses demonstrated that most state transportation agencies have at least one primary area in human resources they consider as innovative, and that there is a broad-based interest among states to cooperate in exploring new and better methods.

NM Tribal Summit - NM99ADM05 View Report


Analysis Method Comparison of On-Time and On-Budget Data - NM07CNS-01 View Report

Development of Matrix Decision Table: Best Design Option - NM05CNS-02

Full Implementation and documentation of ITD - NM04ITD-02 View Report


Rumble Strips: Existing Literature and State of the Practice in New Mexico - NM12SP-07-001
Final Report

This project will result in providing guidance to NMDOT for new directives, standard drawings, and specifications for each category of rumble strip application including but not limited to various roadway classifcations and uses, roadway typical sections and surface conditions.

Development of an Aggradation/Degradation Risk Index for New Mexico NM10DSN-01
Final Report
| Multimedia Presentation

Develop a stream aggradation/degradation risk index and GIS map for New Mexico. The primary focus of the project will be to create a field-verified aggradation/degradation risk index that will be used by NMDOT engineers in the design of drainage structures that cross waterways within the state’s 83 USGS Hydrologic Units.

Construct and Test Scale Model Box Culvert Design - NM10DSN-02 View Report | Multimedia Presentation | Poster

Queue Length Modeling - NM09DSN-01 View Report | Multimedia Presentation

Guide Context Sensitive Solutions - NM05DSG01 View Report


Energy Assessment of NMDOT District One Headquarters - NM12SP-04 
| Implementation Plan

This project will provide District One with specific energy conservation opportunities to reduce lifetime utility and facility maintenance costs. The contractor will also provide a “How To” manual so that other Districts can determine if they could benefit from an energy audit.

Development of a Right-of-Way Carbon Sequestration Program: Phase One - NM10ENV-01
Final Report
| Implementation Plan

This research project will develop a program to quantify, verify, and enhance the sequestration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in vegetation and soils within State rights-of-way (ROW).

Assessing the Potential to Sequester Carbon within State Highway Rights-of-Way in

New Mexico: Phase 2 NM10ENV-01 Final Report and Implementation Plan | Multimedia Presentation

Wildlife Fatalities Appendices - NM04ENV-03 View Report

Integrated Noxious Weed Mgmt - NM02ENV02 View Report




Integrated Transportation Design

SVID NM-China_Set1997 NM97ITD02 View Report

WIM Applications 2003 - NM97ITD02 View Report


Improve Pavement Condition Survey Accuracy - NM10MNT-01 Final Report

Standards for Tire Bale Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization - Validation of Existing Practice and Implementation - NM08MNT-01
Phase I: Final Report | Multimedia Presentation | Handbook
Phase II: Final Report | Multimedia Presentation | Handbook

Cost Benefit of Privatizing Wall Barrier for Construction Projects - NM05MNT-01 View Report

Post Driver for Steel Guardrail Posts - NM01MNT-06 View Report

Assessment of Prequalification Procedures: New Mexico DOT Construction Contractor Prequalification Practices Survey - NM04MNT01
View Report

Settlement Issues: Bridge Approach Slabs - NM04MNT-02 View Report

Salt Corrosion Resistant Fencing Materials -NM04MNT04 View Report

Material Science

Mechanical and Rheological RAP Characterization of NMDOT Mixes - NM12MSC-01 Final Report | Multimedia Presentation | Implemantation Plan | Profile Sheet

Culvert Asset Management - NM16MSC-02-011 Final Report  

This study identifies best practices for culvert asset management systems in state departments of transportation (DOTs).  Researchers conducted an extensive literature review and surveyed state DOTs, with 47 states responding.

Evaluation of Plus Grades of Performance Graded (PG) Asphalt Binder - NM14MSC-01 Final Report

The project provided an evaluation of Plus Grades of Performance Graded Binders (PG+) to validate use of PG+ binders in New Mexico projects.

Evaluating Rutting and Stripping Potentials of Selected HMA Mixes using Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device, Develop Mix Selection Guidelines and Specifications (On-Call) - NM14MSC-02

In this project a literature search will be conducted and a draft specification will be developed for consideration by the Base and Pavement Committee.

Determine Binder and HMA Aging Rates and Their Effects on Decline in Mixture Pavement Cracking Resistance (On-Call) - NM14MSC-03

This project consists of a literature search and development of a draft specification for consideration by the Base and Pavement Committee.

Field and Laboratory Evaluations of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) for NMDOT (Phase I) - NM13MSC-04 Profile Sheet
Final Report  |  Implementation Plan  |  Multimedia Presentation

This project serves to perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of WMA to ensure that it can be successfully implemented in New Mexico.

Addressing Permeability of Superpave Mixes in New Mexico - NM11MSC-04  Profile Sheet
Final Report  | Implementation Plan  |  Multimedia Presentation

The goal of this research is to analyze the factors and develop specifications for permeability of Superpave mix designs which will result in extending the lifetime of pavements by reducing moisture related damage; decrease pavement maintenance costs, and improve public safety.

Study and Evaluation of Materials Response in Hot Mix Asphalt Based on Field Instrumentation Phase II - NM11MSC-03  Final Report  |  Implementation Plan  |  Multimedia Presentation

This study examined the mechanisms that cause pavement failure under actual traffic loading and environmental conditions in New Mexico.

Determining Fatigue Endurance Limits of New Mexico Asphalt Mixes for Designing Perpetual Pavements and Implementation of MEPDG to Its Full Capacity - NM11MSC-02
Final Report  |  Implementation Plan  |  Multimedia Presentation

The objective of this research project is to determine the fatigue endurance limits (FELs) of typical New Mexico hot mix asphalt (HMA) mixes. The research has the overall goal of providing guidance for future designs of fatigue-resistant pavements in New Mexico.

Development and Validation of a Unified Equation for Drilled Shaft Foundations Design in New Mexico - NM10MSC-01  Final Report  |  Multimedia Presentation  |  View Project Summary

This project is expected to result in a proposal for a mechanistic-based design equation and localized LRFD resistance factors. The overall objective of the project is to provide guidance for future designs of drilled shafts in New Mexico.

New Mexico Pavement Life Expectancy - NM08MNT-02 View Project Summary

Objectives of this project are as follows: a. Assess current design, testing, and evaluation methods of perpetual pavements, with particular emphasis on their applicability to the design of perpetual pavements with a design life of fifty (50) or more years in conditions typical of New Mexico pavements, materials and environments. b. Evaluate the effects of moisture infiltration on the current perpetual pavement performance considering reduction in stiffness and strength properties of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and pavement foundation layers. c. Determine the optimal perpetual pavement structure using the mechanistic-empirical design approach to develop and evaluate design alternatives based on pavement stiffness and thickness. d. Quantify the impact of removing layers, and considering various degrees of bonding within a perpetual pavement section. e. Document the literature, analysis, findings and recommendations for perpetual pavement methods and guidelines for consideration to be incorporated into the current NMDOT perpetual pavement design.

Development of a Flexible Pavement Database for Local Calibration of MEPDG
Final Report
 | Multimedia Presentation

Examining Short & Long Term Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete - NM09MSC-02
View Final Report/Implementation Plan/Multimedia Presentation

Future Design of Perpetual Pavements for New Mexico - NM08MSC-01
Final Report | Implementation Plan | Multimedia Report

Field R-Value Correlation Method Development - NM04MSC-02 View Report

Ultra-Thin Whitetopping for General Aviation Airports in New Mexico - NM01MSC-03
View Report

Reflectivity of Crack Sealant - NM02MSC-02 View Report

Achieving Safety Benefits Sooner Rather Than Later A Before and After Study of US 550/NM 44 - NM04MSC-01 View Report

Laboratory R-Value vs. In-Situ NDT Methods - NM04MSC-02 View Report

The research reported herein evaluates the possibility of replacement of the current method of R-Value estimation used in the preparation of subgrade and base course materials. This research was conducted by measuring stiffness values of said subgrade or base course using three candidate devices: the Clegg Impact Hammer, the GeoGauge, and a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. The stiffness values were then correlated with laboratory determined R-Values of the same material to find a mathematical relationship with the candidate devices.

Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reactivity in New Mexico - NM97MSC-05 View Report

Evaluation of a Mechanical Stiffness Gauge for Compaction Control of Granular Media - NM99MSC-07 View Report>


Multimodal Transportation

Identifying Factors for Establishing Freight Corridors - NM04MMT-03 View Report

How Does a Traditional State Highway Department Become a True Department of Transportation: A Case Study in State Departments of Transportation Organization Change - NM03MMT-03 View Report

Upset Recovery Training Program: Report on Training Effectiveness - NM03MMT-04 View Report

North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD) Organizing Pilot Project - NM04MMT-04 View Report


Implementation of Unfunded Mandate for Positive Train Control (PTC)

This project provided a state of the practice for NMDOT to understand how to best respond to the PTC requirement, the costs, the funding sources and impacts on other commuter rail systems’ budgets and plans. This project identified how the other 22 commuter rail systems in the nation are responding to the RSIA and how they are planning to fund deployment of PTC.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Transportation Safety Plan (CTSP) - NM12SAF-01
Final Report | Implementation Plan | Sample Tracking System

Snow Barrier Effectiveness - NM09SAF-01 Final Report  |  Handbook  |  Multimedia Presentation

This investigation will collect information on state-of-the-art snow barrier methods, their capabilities, and the problems these barriers are proven to solve; develop a method of analysis that can accurately analyze the integrative environmental impacts on snow drift; develop a subsequent method for effectively matching snow barrier systems to environmental conditions; develop appropriate responses to legal requirements; install snow barrier systems at two roadway sites and evaluate their effectiveness; and, finally, validate the match analysis method for effectiveness.

Transition from Manual to Automatic Rutting Measurement: Effect on Pavement Serviceability Index Values - NM08SAF-01 View Report | Multimedia Report

Work Zone Safety: Analysis of Crashes, Speeds, and Traffic Flow During the reconstruction of the I-25/I-40 Interchange - NM00SAF-01 View Report

Special Projects

Research 2013 Peer Exchange - NM12SP-07-002 Final Report

NMDOT hosted a peer exchange in April 2013.  This report doucments the activities and discussions that took place during the peer exchange and describes the findings and recommendations.

SABIS Bridge Management Software - NM08SP-03 View Project Summary

Development of User-Friendly Software Application for Extracting Information from National Bridge Inventory Source Files Abstract From Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2202, pp. 137-147. Copyright, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., 2010. Abstract posted with permission of TRB. For complete paper, please link to http://pubsindex.trb.org.

Altris Vehicle Classification System - NM07SP-01 View Report

RoadLIFE GPS – Software Application for Processing GPS Data - NM08SP-02 View Report

Development of a User-Friendly Bridge Information System - Phase II - NM13SP-01 View Report


Innovative Bridge Research: Monitoring of an Interstate-25 High Performance Concrete Bridge with an Embedded Optical Fiber Sensor System - NM05STR-03 View Report

Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring of the San Ysidro Bridge (RoadLife) - NM02STR-02 View Report

Photogrammetry Applications in Routine Bridge Inspection and Historic Bridge Documentation - NM04STR-01
Final Report

Bridge Analysis & Evaluation - QTVR NM04STR-05 Final Report

Bridge Deck Fogging System - NM04STR-02 Final Report

Identifying Performance Patterns on New Mexico Bridges - NM04STR-03 Final Report

Failure of Riprap Protection - NM04STR-04 Final Report

Documentation of Bridge Condition Using QuickTime Virtual Reality - NM04STR-05 Final Report

Highway Bridge Research Center - NM98STR-02 Final Report

Improved Load Rating of Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges - NM05STR-02 Final Report

Technology Transfer

NHI Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) Training - NM14TT-01

This project provided a series of National Highway Institute (NHI) Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) courses to NMDOT pavement inspectors and construction staff. Funding covered NHI tuition and participant per diem for multi-day training.

Implementing the Tow Plow - NM13TT-01 Profile Sheet

This study is to procure a Tow Plow for evaluation in a District with extensive four-lane highways and to compare the performance of the Tow Plow system with the traditional snow plow operation.

Equipment to Install and Repair Metal Barrier - NM13TT-02  Profile Sheet

Purchase and test a piece of machinery or attachment to be able to install metal posts more efficiently. District will purchase and test equipment designed to install these posts more efficiently.  Records will be kept on staff hours, machine hours, and level of difficulty of the metal barrier repair.

Improved Recycling of Maintenance Materials - NM11TT-03

Purchase and evaluate the effectiveness of Broce Broom technology.

Dust Storm Detection and Notification System: Phase-I Needs and Equipment Assessment NM09TT-01  View Project Summary

Alternatives to Nuclear Densometer - NM11TT-02 Final Report

This project will evaluate various methods of coincidentally capturing moisture contents of soils during the compactive efforts to incorporate into the stiffness measurements so that the structural capacity and resulting compliance with design requirements can be field verified.

Monitoring Long-Term In-Situ Behavior of Installed Fiber Reinforced Polymer - NM08TT-02 View Report

Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Bridges in New Mexico Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers - NM06TT-01 View Report

Vehicle Detector Clearinghouse - NM04INF-02

Transportation Planning

Statewide Traffic Data Collection, Processing, Projection and Quality Control - NM10PLN-01 Final Report | Multimedia Presentation

Analyze the current practice of traffic data collection, analysis and forecasting, and provide recommendations for improving data collection procedures, data quality control and most effective use of this data.