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District 1

Trent Doolittle, P.E.
District Engineer

2912 E. Pine St.
Deming, NM 88030
Telephone: 575-544-6530
Toll Free: 800-444-0745
Fax: 575-546-0272



The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is initiating the Interstate 25 (I-25) / Missouri Bridge Replacement Study to develop and evaluate alternatives for replacing Missouri Bridge at I-25 in Las Cruces. The goal of the study is to develop and evaluate alternatives that would improve the structure, improve sight distance on southbound I-25, and improve safety conditions. We will look at possibly widening I-25 with additional travel lanes based on existing and future traffic forecasts. We will propose a new bridge to allow Missouri Avenue sufficient room to expand into the future.


Comments: Will be accepted by Hilary Brinegar, Marron and Associates, 3655 Research Drive, Genesis Center- Bldg C, Las Cruces, N2 Mexico 88003-8001, by phone at (575) 618-7351, or by email hbrinegar@marroninc.com .

I-10/Avenida de Mesilla Interchange

The project will consist of replacing the steel girder bridges with a concrete bridge with full height abutments, precast concrete deck panels and artwork featuring a local southwest theme. The ramps will be reconfigured to a diamond interchange with the removal of the existing loop ramps, which will provide a longer acceleration lane on I-10. In addition, there will be signalization installed at Avenida de Mesilla and the eastbound entrance and exit ramps. The project will incorporate ADA improvements to Avenida de Mesilla from Hickory Loop to Lakeside Drive, which includes utility upgrades to the gas; sewer, water lines, and landscape planting.

Project Sequence of Construction

Phase I - Build Detours, Relocate Utilities and Build Ramp 3

  • Install signing
  • Start building the eastern I-10 detour crossover pavement, the Avenida de Mesilla median detour pavement, installing underground utilities under the intersection of Lakeside Dr. and Avenida de Mesilla and building the intersection of Lakeside Dr. and Avenida de Mesilla.
  • Traffic will be moved to Avenida de Mesilla’s median and relocating underground utilities under Avenida de Mesilla.
  • Start building ramp 3, along with placing lights, drainage pipes and the acceleration lane on I-10. There will be a closure to remove the eastbound on ramp, and detours will be in place for motorists to follow.

Phase II-Build Ramp 5 and build Eastbound Bridge

  • Start building ramp 5, along with drainage pipes, and the decelerate lane on I-10 will be constructed. The closure of eastbound off ramp and the loop ramp 4 will be to remove and will start construction of the new ramps. Traffic will be allowed onto newly constructed ramp 3.
  • Crossover eastbound I-10 traffic onto the I-10 westbound lanes are going to be two way traffic.
  • Removal and replace eastbound bridge.

Phase III-Build Ramp 2, Build Ramp 1, and Build Westbound Bridge

  • Cross westbound I-10 Traffic to the eastbound lanes as two-way
  • Close existing westbound exit ramp and build ramp 2, drainage pipe, lighting and deceleration lane on I-10
  • After ramp 2 is built the westbound entrance ramp will be closed and the building of ramp 1 along with drainage pipes, lighting, and the deceleration lane on I-10 will be built. The removal and replacement of westbound bridge will start

Phase IV-Reconstruct Avenida de Mesilla

  • Using the existing Avenida de Mesilla median detour, the reconstruct the northbound and southbound outside lanes will start, along with construction on the shoulder, sidewalk, signals and lighting.
  • Reconstruct the northbound and southbound inside driving lanes of Avenida de Mesilla and the median

Phase V-Permanent Signing, Striping, Landscaping and Seeding

  • Install all permanent signing, striping, landscaping and seeding.


I-10/Avenida de Mesilla

Project Sponsor:
Ryan Tafoya, Project Manager

Bridget Spedalieri 575-525-7340

Project Start Date: Summer 2013
Project Cost: $12 Million
Location: Dona Ana County

I-25/Alamosa Creek Bridge Replacement and Roadway Reconstruction


Scope: Includes removal of the structurally unsound and abandoned frontage road bridge (west side of existing interstate bridges), replacing the existing interstate bridges that span the Alamosa Creek, eastward realignment of the interstate horizontally curves north of the bridges and interstate pavement preservation near the beginning and ending of the project and pavement preservation of the interstate interchange ramps at mile post 89 and 92.

Project Sponsor:

Sherri Holliefield, P.E.
South Region Design Center
(575) 525-7351

Project State Date: Late Winter 2013
Project Cost: $14.9 Million
Location: Sierra County

US-70 Cable Barrier
Scope: Installing post and cable barrier within the median area, along with miscellaneous paving and earthwork from Del Ray Exit (mile post 151) to NASA Exit (mile post 161). Working hours have been adjusted in order to minimize traffic congestion during peak hours. Motorists are encouraged to slow down and use extreme caution in and around the work zones. Law enforcement will provide oversight on the roadway as construction is taking place.

Project Sponsor:
Jesus Sandoval, Project Manager 575-525-7336

Smith & Aguirre Construction company, Inc.
P.O. Drawer 2276, Las Cruces, NM 88004
(575) 527-2500

Project Start Date: February 2013
Project Cost: 2.6 Million
Location: Dona Ana County

US 70 Wildlife Crossing Study
The New Mexico Department of Transportation is conducting a Wildlife Crossing Feasibility Study for eight miles of US Highway 70 (US 70) in the San Augustine Pass area from milepost (MP) 162 to MP 170. The purpose of the study is to gain an understanding of wildlife movement through the study area, and to develop ways to facilitate wildlife movement while reducing the potential for animal‐vehicle collisions.

US 70 Wildlife Study Questionnaire - PDF
Overall Study Area - PDF
Study Area 1 - PDF
Study Area 2 - PDF
Study Area 3 - PDF
Study Area 4 - PDF

US-70/N. Main St. Phase I

Marron and Associates, Inc.,
7511 4th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

US-70/North Main St. Improvement Project -Environmental Assessment 
Las Cruces, NM
CN 1100470

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will be constructing an improvement project in two phases. Phase I will consist of improvements of US-70 from Chestnut Avenue to Solano Drive. Phase II involves modifications to the Solano Drive/Spitz Street/ Three Crosses Avenue intersection. The repair and replacement of utilities in connection with the road work will be funded by the City of Las Cruces. This project is to reconstruct a deteriorating pavement sections and repair operating and safety deficiencies at the intersections of North Solano Drive/Spitz Street/Three Crosses Avenue. This environmental assessment improvement project will also include storm sewer facilities, roadway geometry, sight distance, and inadequate pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Along with addressing travel demand and congestion, additional system connectivity, safe and efficient access while meeting NMDOT access spacing requirements and regional economic development and growth.

Project Sponsor:
Arthur J. Romero, P.E., Project Development Engineer
South Region Design - NMDOT
Office: 575-525-7341

Wilson & Company
4900 Lang Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

NM 90/Hudson Street Replacement Project
Silver City, New Mexico

CN 1100560

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is developing plans for the replacement of the NM 90/Hudson Street Bridge in Silver City. The existing bridge would be demolished, and a new bridge would be constructed over the San Vicente Arroyo to the south of Broadway. The new bridge would be wider than the existing bridge and include sidewalk(s) and bike lane(s). Lighting would be upgraded, and signs would be placed. During bridge construction, a temporary detour route would be established, and various options for routing this detour to the west of NM 90 are being considered. As part of this project, additional turn lanes would be constructed at the US 180/County Bypass Road intersection. Environment, geotechnical, and utility investigations will be conducted for this project.

Public Meeting:
Grant County Admin
1400 Hwy 180 E
Silver City, NM
Thursday, February 28, 2013
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Eric Johnson, Marron and Associates, Inc.
7511 4th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

District Contact:
Harold Love P.E., Technical
Trisha Lujan P.E., Design Engineer

NM-136/NM-273 Roadway Rehabilitation

Scope: Pavement preservation with removal of existing surface by milling and replacing with new pavement. Work will be on NM-136 from mile post 4.2-9.33 and NM-273 6.52-9.33 with traffic reductions to one lane and speed within the work zone.

Project Sponsor:
Benito Trevino NMDOT 575-882-2294

CF Jordan Construction, LLC
7700 C.F. Jordan Drive
El Paso, Texas 75063

Project Start Date: February 2013
Location: Dona Ana County

Cambray Bridge Replacement
NM-549/Union Pacific Railroad Crossing

These environmental documents are part of the Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluations that consist of the replacement of the existing Cambray railroad overpass on NM 549 and associated improvements to the adjacent roadway in Luna County, New Mexico. Improvements to the roadway are proposed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The Cambray Bridge Improvements EA was developed in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 23 CFR Part 771), and the NMDOT Location Study Procedures (NMDOT, 2000a). The purpose of proposed improvements is to address existing deficiencies, improve safety, and to insure the future viability of the NM 549/Union Pacific Railroad crossing in providing for the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and train traffic within the project area.

Project Sponsor: 
Michael Smelker NMDOT Project Manager Office:575-525-7349

Gannett Fleming West
460 Saint Michaels Drive #605
Santa Fe, NM 87505-7619

Environmental Assessment
Final Biological Technical Memorandum

Cultural Resources Inventory
Existing Systems Documents

Strauss Roadway/Doña Ana County Road

Scope: Near Santa Teresa in south-central New Mexico in Doña Ana County the New Mexico Department of Transportation along with CF Jordan Construction, LLC is constructing a new roadway to the Union Pacific Railroad.

Project Sponsor:
Benito Trevino NMDOT 575-882-2294

CF Jordan Construction, LLC
7700 C.F. Jordan Drive
El Paso, Texas 75063

Project Start Date: March 2012
Location: Dona Ana County

Drainage Design Bureau - Illiciit Discharge

New Mexico Department of Transportation - Drainage Design Bureau

This document will provide information regarding strom drains and arroys that transport rain water runoff. It will identify Illicit Discharge and some examples with sign to alert to the public of.