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The New Mexico Department of Transportation is committed to improving transportation for the people who reside in and travel to and through our State. The Research Bureau identifies transportation needs, then develop and assess technologies, procedures and policies with the potential to meet those needs. We are responsible for transportation research, development, and deployment . . . and each aspect of our work is shared.

Contact:  Deirdre Billingsley, Administrator Office:505-798-6733 Deirdre.Billingsley@state.nm.us

Research Services:

What can the Research Bureau do for you?

The Research Bureau offers several types of research services. Depending on the complexity of the problem or issue, we will suggest a literature search first. If needed, we may advise you to submit a Research Project Request form so that more in depth study can be done.

A. Information Referral(immediate response) that directs you to the most appropriate person or section, inside or outside the NMDOT, to answer your question (for example: our staff, the NMDOT Right of Way Bureau, the FHWA)

B. Literature Search(1 - 10 days) that identifies the best and most current practices used to address a problem (for example: erosion control, striping, snow fencing, toll roads)

C. Short-term Project(less than 6 months) that is conducted in-house by the Research Bureau staff (for example: overweight vehicle analysis, WIM data analysis, noxious weed management)

D. Long-term Project(6 to 24 months in length) that is contracted to a university, college, or consultant (for example, queue length modeling, testing of Ultra High Performance Concrete, reducing wildlife-vehicle crashes)

E. Technology Transfer(6 to 24 months) that takes existing technology (equipment and/or processes) and applies it to a new situation (for example: : dust storm mitigation, fiber reinforced polymer study)

F. Pooled Fund oStudy(12 to 36 months) that combines our resources with those from several states to find solutions to a regional or national problem (for example: drainage design manual, climate change).

Request Research:
To propose a research topic please fill out the following form and send it to Amy Estelle (505) 798-6737.
Research Request Form
These requests will be evaluated and ranked by the appropriate Research Advisory Committee and the Chairpersons Committee.

NEW in FY2013
The Research Bureau is offering On-Call Research Services for short-term, urgent research needs. On-Call research projects are designed to be low cost, limited scale, and quick turnaround. Any NMDOT staff member may request On-Call Research by submitting the On Call Research Request Form. The Research Bureau will expedite a literature search and send the request through an accelerated approval process with the C-RAC.

Peer Exchange
A Research Peer Exchange is required by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulation 23 CFR, Section 420.209(a) which states in part:

(a) As a condition for approval of FHWA planning and research funds for RD&T activities, a State DOT must develop, establish, and implement a management process that identifies and results in implementation of RD&T activities expected to address high priority transportation issues. The management process must include… (7) Participation in peer exchanges of its RD & T management process and of other State DOT’s programs on a periodic basis.

Peer exchanges should be held once every five years.

The NMDOT Research Bureau held a Peer Review Exchange in 2008 and 2013.

Participating states in 2013 included:
Arizona DOT Research Center
New Mexico DOT Research Bureau
Ohio DOT Research Program
Texas DOT Research & Technology Implementation Office
Washington State DOT Research Office
Wisconsin DOT Research and Library Program

Final Report (May 2013)

Participating states in 2008 included:
Colorado DOT Applied Research
New Mexico DOT Research Bureau
Oklahoma DOT Planning & Research
Texas DOT Research Division & Technology Office
Washington State DOT Research Office

Final report (May 2008)