Community Relations

The Public Information Officers of the New Mexico Department of Transportation are dedicated to providing timely responses to inquiries from the press and the public.  There is a Public Information Officer for each of our six districts as well as the Department’s General Office in Santa Fe.

Director of Communications,
Marisa Maez Office (505) 469-8243 

District One, Deming
Ami Evans Office (575) 494-3227

District Two, Roswell
Manon Arnett Office (575) 840-3035

District Three, Albuquerque
Kimberly Gallegos, Office (505) 934-0354

District Four, Las Vegas
Travis Martinez Office (505) 718-2073

District Five, Santa Fe
James MurrayOffice (505) 629-8785

District Six, Milan
Delane Baros Office (505) 290-0117



District 1 - Deming and surrounding area

District 2 - Roswell and surrounding area

District 3 - Albuquerque and surrounding area

District 4 - Las Vegas and surrounding area

District 5 - Santa Fe and surrounding area

District 6 - Grants/Milan and surrounding area