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Community Relations

The Public Information Officers of the New Mexico Department of Transportation are dedicated to providing timely responses to inquiries from the press and the public.  There is a Public Information Officer (PIOs) for each of our six districts as well as the Department’s General Office in Santa Fe.

Marisa Maez
Director of Communications


District One Public Information Officer, Deming
Ami Evans Office (575) 494-3227

District Two Public Information Officer, Roswell
Manon Arnett Office (575) 840-3035

District Three Public Information Officer, Albuquerque
Kimberly Gallegos Office (505) 934-0354

District Four Public Information Officer, Las Vegas
Travis Martinez Office (505) 718-2073

District Five Public Information Officer, Santa Fe
James Murray Office (505) 629-8785

District Six Public Information Officer, Milan
Delane Baros Office (505) 290-0117


District 1 - Deming and surrounding area

District 2 - Roswell and surrounding area

District 3 - Albuquerque and surrounding area

District 4 - Las Vegas and surrounding area

District 5 - Santa Fe and surrounding area

District 6 - Grants/Milan and surrounding area