About the New Mexico Department of Transportation

Michael Sandoval, Cabinet Secretary
NMDOT General Office is located at:
1120 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM, 87504-1149

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1149 Santa Fe, NM, 87504-1149

Telephone: (505) 795-1401
Telephone: (505) 827-5258
Telephone: (505) 231-1826
Telephone: (505) 795-3646

Michael Sandoval, Cabinet Secretary,
Jennifer Martinez, Office Manager
Office: 505-827-5258

Office of Communications

The Public Information Officers of the New Mexico Department of Transportation are dedicated to providing timely responses to inquiries from the press and the public.  There is a Public Information Officer for each of our six districts as well as the Department’s General Office in Santa Fe.

Director of Communications,
Marisa Maez Office (505) 469-8243

Highway Operations

There are six District Offices responsible for constructing and maintaining 12,525 centerline miles of highway infrastructure statewide. The Districts are responsible for oversight of a contracted construction program using approximately 34 construction crews and 29 construction offices. There are 82 maintenance patrol units that perform various routine maintenance activities. The Operations Support Division resides within the General Office and provides support services in Administration, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Construction, Maintenance, Fleet and Materials.

Rick Padilla, Acting Director of Highway Operations
Jennifer Martinez, Office Manager Office: 505-827-5258

Office of Program and Infrastructure

In keeping with our new name, the New Mexico Department of Transportation has re focused its direction to improving affordable transportation modes available to citizens, tourists, and businesses of New Mexico.

Multimodal transportation choices invigorate the economy and connect people in small towns and cities and facilitate transportation of goods and people to other states and nations. This area focuses on the following modes of travel: transit, rail, aviation and highways. We strengthen our commitment for traffic safety, environmental excellence, and complete planning, design and engineering services.

David Quintana,  Office of Infrastructure
Jennifer Martinez, Office Manager Office: 505-827-5258

Office of Business Support

The Office of Business Support provides core support services throughout the agency to meet the demands of a vast New Mexico transportation system that includes both highways and public transportation. Our goal is to be responsible stewards to our customers whose tax dollars support their transportation requirements.

Justin Reese, Business Support 
Jennifer Martinez, Office Manager
Office: 505-827-5258 

District Engineers & Information

District 1 Engineer
Trent Doolittle, P.E.
2912 E. Pine St., Deming, NM 88030
Tel.: 575-494-3227
Fax: 575-546-0272
District 2 Engineer
Timothy L. Parker, M.S., P.E.
4505 W. Second, Roswell, NM
P.O. Box 1457 Roswell, NM 88202-1457
Tel.: 575-840-3035
District 3 Engineer
Justin Gibson, P.E.
P.O. Box 91750 Albuquerque, NM 87109
Tel.: 505-934-0354
Fax: 505-819-7905
District 4 Engineer
James Gallegos, P.E.
28 Bibb Industrial, Las Vegas, NM 87701
Tel.: 505-718-2073
District 5 Engineer
Paul Brasher, P.E.
Box 4127, Coronado Santa Fe, NM 87502-4127
Tel.: 505-795-0533
District 6 Engineer
Larry Maynard, P.E.
P.O. Box 2160 Milan, NM 87021
Tel.: 505-290-0117