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District 2 - District Engineer

The District Engineer is responsible for the management of all transportation activities including maintenance and construction of the highways in District Two. The District Engineer provides the necessary personnel and materials required to manage the transportation system and ensure a safe working environment for employees.

Other functions of the District Engineer include: administering contract projects from design to construction, approve and control fiscal year budget and expenditures, HR management of employee benefits, training, and safety program, funding and coordination of highway and bridge repair projects performed by private contractors or district employees, work with the public and local government in providing safe highways for the motorist.

Francisco Sanchez, District Two Engineer Office: 575-840-3035
Irma Ramirez, Administrative Assistant Office: 575-840-3071 

  • District 2 Office:
    Physical Address
    4505 West Second St.
    Roswell, NM 88201
  • Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 1457
    Roswell, NM 88202

District 2 - Business Management

Business Support provides daily support operations to ensure that the core public service providers have the necessary tools and resources. This section is focused on providing fiduciary oversight in budget, procurement, accounting services, radio room operations and Safety/Risk Management. Additionally, they provide services in Buildings and Grounds, Fleet Maintenance Services, Safety Operations and Human Resources.

Darrell Johnson, Business Manager Cell: 575-626-9102 

District 2 - Construction

The Assistant District Engineer for Construction, is responsible for all construction engineering and employee activities. Included in his charge are construction field crews, Materials Testing Lab, Audit Unit and Office Support Team. Together they assure that projects are finished within time limits and according to mandates of the Construction letting schedules. The ADE ensures that road construction projects performed by independent contractors are done according to plan specifications and special provisions. This individual governs the projects by providing project inspections, records auditing, materials testing and awarding contract payment for completed work.

Alan Briley, Assistant District Engineer-Construction Cell: 575-626-9886

District 2 - Maintenance

The Assistant District Engineer for Maintenance is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the entire southeastern quarter of the state. Our roadway responsibility covers the 8+ counties of: Otero, Eddy, Lea, Chaves, Roosevelt, Lincoln, De Baca, Curry and part of Torrance, encompassing 7500 lane miles. We have 16 Maintenance Patrols in addition to Support Crews who are able to maintain our roadways by: Road maintenance/repair, snow removal, maintain borrow pits, bridge maintenance/repair, Fencing Agreements, Maintenance Agreements, Product Demonstration, Highway Abandonments, Stockpile Agreements, Abandoned Vehicles, Vegetation/Herbicide, maintaining 3 Rest Areas, mowing, signage and fence and guardrail repair.

District 2 - Engineering

Engineering Support provides technical assistance to construction and maintenance. Additionally, to design and coordinate designs for highway projects along with providing design analysis. Coordinate and facilitate project development within the district. Engineering Support ensures that local government transportation projects are constructed to standards as set forth in NMDOT funding agreements. Has responsibility for traffic engineering, transportation planning, signing, striping, access permits, bridge inspection and bridge maintenance, local projects and district surveying.

Francisco Sanchez P.E., District Engineer Cell: 575-840-3071