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District 6

The District Engineer is responsible for all Highway and Transportation Department functions within the District, which includes Cibola, McKinley, portions of Sandoval, San Juan, Rio Arriba, Valencia, Socorro and the majority of Catron Counties. The New Mexico Department of Transportation is responsible for maintenance, construction, and traffic operations for the State Transportation System. The Department also administers various programs, which provide technical and funding assistance to Local Government Entities and Tribes within the District.

Lisa Vega, P.E. (Acting) District Six Engineer Office:  505-240-0531   lisa.vega@state.nm.us

Jenny Gallegos, Administrative Assistant Office:  505-240-5823    jenny.gallegos@state.nm.us

  • Physical Address
    1919 Pinon Drive
    Milan, NM 87021
  • Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 2160
    Milan, NM 87021
  • Switchboard,
    Toll Free: 1-800-361-3596

District 6 - Business Management

Business Management provides support for the District operation. It is our goal to ensure we efficiently and effectively manage our labor, equipment and materials, while maintaining a high level of support for those individuals who provide a safe and well maintained transportation system.

Angela Baca, Administrator Office:  505-240-2106 


District 6 - Construction

The Assistant District Engineer (Construction) manages District Six Construction operations, contract maintenance program, budget and local government assistance. The construction section is comprised of the materials laboratory, construction audits and the four construction project offices. The construction project offices are divided into two areas serving the western and eastern portions of the district. Two project offices are based out of Gallup and two additional project offices are based out of Milan. The Area Project Manager oversees all four project offices.

Lisa Boyd Vega, P.E., Assistant District Engineer-Construction Office:  505-240-0531


District 6 - Maintenance

The Assistant District Engineer (Maintenance) manages District Six maintenance operations including routine and special maintenance programs.

The Maintenance Section is composed of three sections; Northern Maintenance Patrols, Southern Maintenance Patrols and District Support Crews, each supervised by an Area Maintenance Superintendent. The Northern Patrols are located in Grants, Mesita, Cuba, San Ysidro, Top of the World and Buffalo Springs. The Southern Patrols are located in Datil, Reserve, Ramah, Quemado, Fence Lake and Gallup. The District Support Crews specialize in areas of Pavement Preservation, Heavy Maintenance, Bridges and Rest Areas, serving the entire District.

Jan Niclas, P.E., Assistant District Engineer-Maintenance Office:  505-240-1847   


District 6 - Engineering

The Assistant District Engineer (Support) oversees District Six Technical Support, Local Governments and Traffic Units.

Arif Kazmi, P.E., Engineer Support Manager Office:  505-240-1846