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Data Management Bureau

The Data Management Bureau is part of the Asset Management & Planning Division, and provides planning and engineering data to NMDOT staff, FHWA, government, businesses, and the public. The Data Management Bureau oversees the Traffic Monitoring Program and the Roadway Inventory Program.

Traffic Monitoring Program

NMDOT Traffic Monitoring Program is responsible for the collection of statewide short duration traffic counts of roughly 8,000 active short duration count sites.  The Program collects traffic counts through three channels 1) internal counts, 2) contracted counts and 3) external partners. These counts, also known as coverage counts, make up the bulk of the Department's traffic count program. The continuous count program currently has a total of 134 permanent counters, 116 Continuous Count Stations (CCS) and 18 Weigh-In Motion (WIM) stations throughout the state of New Mexico collecting traffic data on a daily basis. In addition to providing volume information, a significant number of CCSs and WIMs provide information such as vehicle classification, truck weight data and unbiased speed data. Once all data is retrieved, it goes through an extensive quality control and quality assurance process to ensure the most accurate and quality data is entered into the NM Traffic Count Database System (NM TCDS).

Please submit all traffic count inquiries to: Traffic.Monitoring@state.nm.us

Traffic Monitoring Data Request Form - For best results use Internet Explorer (IE) or right-click and save.

Sean Noonen, Manager
Mobile: 505-490-7202

Roadway Inventory Program

The Roadway Inventory Program maintains road inventory database, produces HPMS report.

Posted Routes - Legal Descriptions

John Baker, Roadway Inventory Program Manager / HPMS Coordinator
Office: 505-827-5523