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Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The Program Management Division is responsible with developing a four-year STIP that is cooperatively and/or consultatively planned, comprehensive in scope through the innovative use of Federal and State resources, fiscally constrained and attempt to address the multimodal transportation needs of New Mexico’s transportation customers.

The State’s four-year transportation preservation and capital improvement program identifies multi-modal transportation projects that use Federal, State Bond, State priority, State Capital Outlay and local government transportation funds. It includes projects of regional significance (projects with high public interest or air quality impacts) and projects in the National Parks, National Forests and Indian Reservations.


Jolene Hererra Staff Manager Cell: 575-202-4698

Manuel Chavez: Districts 4, 5, Statewide Program, North Region Design, Farmington & Santa Fe MPOs Cell: 505-660-0013
April Rodriguez: Districts 3 & 6, Central Region Design, Mid-Region MPO Cell: 505-476-9029
Jolene Herrera: Disticts 1 & 2, South Region Design, El Paso and Mesilla Valley Cell: 575-202-4698
Camille Rodriguez: Design contracts for all districts and statewide Cell: 505-467-9125

Survey & Lands Engineering Division

The Survey & Lands Engineering (SLE) Division measures and provides geospatial information necessary for the development of design, construction, and maintenance of the New Mexico State Transportation System. SLE supports all surveying and mapping activities required to fulfill the NMDOT's obligation to transportation projects in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The Division is comprised of two distinct Sections, the Survey Section and Lands Engineering Section. Each section supports, manages, and delivers various products utilizing state-of-the-art mapping and surveying technology. The Survey Section is supported by the Geodetic Unit, Geospatial Data Unit, and four Survey Field Units. The Lands Engineering Section is supported by the Right-of-Way & Momumentation Mapping Unit and the Verification & Research Unit.

Mark Marrujo, Survey and Lands Engineering Manager Cell: 505-231-1548
Kelly Melton,
Survey Fields Units Manager Cell: 505-469-4229
Rob Sexton,
Lands Engineering Section Manager Cell: 505-699-7619

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Rm B31 Santa Fe, NM 87504


Right of Way/Property Management Unit

The Right of Way Bureau is responsible for acquiring and managing all property for the NMDOT to allow for the construction and maintenance of projects. We identify property owners, provide title reports, appraise affected properties, review the appraisals, and negotiate and acquire these properties in a compassionate and cost-effective manner.  

Property Management Unit (PM) is entrusted with the management of real property assets owned by NMDOT. The Transaction area of PM is responsible for sales, airspace agreements, leases, encroachment licenses and other property transactions. Before any transactions can be completed there must be a thorough internal Department review and approvals by Management.

John Murphy, Bureau Chief, Cell: 505-469-2680
Angela Sandoval, Operations Manager, Cell: 505-490-2580
Ricky Mok,
Appraisal Review Unit Supervisor, Cell: 505-231-8923
Appraisal Unit Supervisor
Delia Sanchez,
Budget and Audit Unit Supervisor, Cell: 505-795-0249
Adrianne Montoya,
Lands Abstracting Unit Supervisor, Cell: 505-690-6659
Jeremy Lujan, Propert Management Unit Supervisor, Cell: 505-660-2034
Acquisition Unit Supervisor
Vacant, Relocation/Spec Unit. Supervisor, Cell: 505-469-2680

1120 Cerrillos Rd.Rm 213/222 Santa Fe, NM 87504


Utilities Unit

The Utilities Section mission is to adhere to the policies and procedures used by the New Mexico Department of Transportation to regulate and accommodate utilities on the highway right of way.

  • As of October 1, 2012 Federal Highway Administration has mandated all Utilities to abide by the Federal Regulations regarding MAP-21, Buy America Regulations.  For more information, you may go to MAP-21, Buy America web site at: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/map21/

Richard Pena, State Utilities Engineer, Cell: 505-670-9515
Dean Serna,
Utilities Section Manager Distrct 1, Cell: 505-795-1608
Bobby Salazar, Utilities Coordinator, District 3, Cell: 505-469-8423
Vacant, Utility Coordinator District 2
Curtis Salazar,
Utilities Coordinator District 5, Cell: 505-629-9296
Freddie Chavez, Utility Coordinator District 6, Cell: 505-469-9913
Christine Griego,
Utilities, T/LGA, District 4 Cell: 505-469-5943

1120 Cerrillos Rd.Rm 207/208 Santa Fe, NM 87504

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The Environmental Bureau guides and directs the Department in environmental stewardship, cultural resource management, and public involvement in order to assist in the environmentally responsible development, construction, and maintenance of a quality transportation system. The Bureau obtains environmental and cultural resource approvals for transportation projects through NEPA investigations, consultations, analysis, and documentation.  Roadside Environment Design provides specifications and consulting on revegetation, erosion control, aesthetics, and vegetation management for new and on-going projects for all state highway rights-of-way (ROW). Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) functions within the Environmental Bureau and provides methods and assistance in incorporating community and environmental values into the transportation facilities being designed statewide.


R. Blake Roxlau, Environmental Bureau Manager Office: (505) 490-2575 Fax: 505-827-3243

1120 Cerillos Rd., Room 205 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149