Project Oversight Division

Project Oversight Division provides financial oversight for the program.  With a focus on project funding, assuring compliance with all requirements of Federal and State laws.   The Administration of Federal aid projects, Local Government Road Fund projects, Tribal/Local Public Agencies projects and Capital Outlay projects are all incorporated into the Project Oversight Division.  The centralization of all projects regardless of funding was implemented to provide consistency and minimize duplication of efforts administering projects.  The Division offers support, guidance and resources to Local Entities seeking state and federal funding for transportation projects.  Project Oversight Division provides the oversight and management of Programs and Infrastructure’s operating budget which totals $565.2m approximately 70% of the NMDOT’s budget.  It includes $404.5m of Federal Funds from three major programs Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  The remaining $160.7m is supported by the Road Fund and 7 designated funds. The Federal Aid programs funding $250m transportation projects, Local Government Road Fund funding $25m transportation projects and Capital Outlay funding $18.5m.

Vacant, Project Oversight Division Director

Sean Sandoval, Deputy Division Director Cell: 505-660-6102

Federal Funding

100% State Funding - Local Government Road Fund & Capital Outlay