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The Infrastructure Divisions offers the most comprehensive array of professional services available to the transportation industry in the State of New Mexico. It has the experience and expertise to take any transportation project from concept through detailed design in its mission to multimodal project delivery for the Department of Transportation.

The Office, headed up by the Chief Engineer, is comprised of six Divisions with extended service to the remote regions of the state through its newly developed Regional Design Centers. The Office’s demonstrated flexibility and ability to adapt has allowed it to take on delivery the largest design program on record. The program increased from a $250 million construction program to a program that exceeds $2.0 billion. The successful delivery of this program is credited to the diverse and dedicated professionals the Office of Infrastructure Divisions employs in addition to the many partnerships attained.

David D. Quintana,
Chief Engineer Cell: 505-660-3654
Elmer Franco, Office Manager Cell: 505-490-1254
Jolene Casados,
Office Manager Cell:505-795-3646

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Rm. 204 Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Infrastructure Functional Units:


South Regional Design

The South Regional Division works in cooperation with District One and District Two for the development of roadway plans. The South Regional Division also houses the Office of International Programs (OIP). The OIP provides bi-national and state coordination between the NMDOT and federal and state governmental agencies in Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California. The South Regional Division maintains liaisons with directors and division heads of the General Office and Federal Highway Administration officials, public service agencies and the general public. This team of engineers and support staff has contributed to enhancements that are present throughout southern New Mexico.

Michael Smelker, P.E. South Regional Manager Cell: 575-202-3339
Sherri Holliefield, P.E. Assistant South Regional Manager Cell: 575-202-6594
Melanie Romero,
Division Administrator Cell: 575-635-2149
Arthur J. Romero, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Cell: 575-202-3340
Mark Salazar, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Cell: 575-888-7146
Sherri Holliefield, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Cell: 575-202-6594
Judith Gallardo, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Cell: 575-323-4242 

750 N. Solano Drive Las Cruces, NM 88001

District 1 Projects
District 2 Projects

Central Regional Design

The Central Regional Division provides engineering, design, and project development services to District Three and District Six in order to provide the central region of New Mexico with safe transportation services while implementing innovative design. The Central Regional Division also acts as a liaison between Districts, Local Entities, and the FHWA, providing technical assistance to ensure local government project design plans can be constructed.

Priscilla Benavides, P.E. General Manager Phone: 505-798-6720
Joseph Casares, P.E.
Assistant Regional Manager Phone 505-469-4239
Greg Clarke, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Manager Phone 505-490-2725
Sandra Chavez, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Manager Phone 505-288-4104
Luke Smith, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Manager (Local Government) Phone 505-373-7411
Munaf Alaloosi, P.E.
Engineer Professional Phone 505-228-8872 

7500 Pan American Freeway NE Albuquerque, NM 87109

District 3 Projects
District 6 Projects

North Regional Design

The North Regional Division provides project development, technical design, and design oversight for projects in District Four and District Five.  Working alongside NMDOT General Office and FHWA personnel, the North Region Division advances NMDOT projects through both internal design efforts and consultant oversight.  The North Region Division is also provides oversight on local agency projects that use federal funding for design and construction activities.  The North Region Division is based out of the Santa Fe NMDOT General Office and is comprised of professional engineers, technicians, and administrative support staff.

Manuelito Maestas, P.E. North regional Manager Cell: 505-629-7251
Estevan Gonzales, P.E. Project Development Engineer Cell: 505-490-2602
Dana Garcia, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Supervisor Cell: 505-231-7663
Denise Peralta, P.E.
Project Development Engineer Supervisor Cell: 505-795-0246

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Rm 203 Santa Fe, NM 87504

District 4 Projects
District 5 Projects