Research Bureau - Knowledge Center


The NMDOT Research Bureau Library mission is to provide information, materials and resources that support the mission, programs and research of the New Mexico Department of Transportation. The Center supports these programs by acquiring, organizing, managing and preserving the information in its own collections, and offering supportive reference services to the employees of NMDOT, local agencies, NM Independent Nations, contractors and the general public. We make information and knowledge accessible.

Location: The Library is housed within the Research Bureau.

Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Library Facility Services
The library is wheel chair accessible and contains a work station that is ADA compliant for wheel chair accessibility. Two laptop stations are situated at the work center to access the online catalog and the internet. Browse our 90+ NMDOT research reports at the reading tables or read Research in Progress and/or browse our reports online.

Collection Information Collection size: 9,000+ books, reports, trade magazines, video tapes, CDs

Collection Description
Primarily transportation research publications including rail, aviation and transit with some management and personal improvement items.

Special Collections
Transportation Research Board Publications:
TRB Reports, TRB News; NCHRP reports and syntheses, NCHRP Legal Research Digest, TCRP reports and syntheses, TCRP Legal Research Digest Commercial Truck and Bus Safety reports and syntheses, CRBS Research Results Digest, ACRP reports and syntheses, ACRP Research Results Digest

Subject Strengths
Construction, Structures, Administration, Maintenance, Multi-modal, Environment, Materials Science, Safety and Design.

Online Library Catalog
The online library catalog ( is available 24/7 and can be viewed by any person. On the front page is a search box at the top right-hand corner. Searching is similar to that of Google or Yahoo and other search engines. Use key words or “phrases” in quotation marks: e.g., “Governor Richardson.” Boolean searching is also available using the connecting words: AND, OR, NOT: e.g., engineer OR engineering AND design NOT fashion. A similar query can also be written, +engineering +design -fashion. The order in which the words are presented may change the results.

Borrowing Privileges
Borrowing privileges are limited to employees of the NMDOT; local transportation government agencies, and the Departments of Roads operated by the Independent Nations located in New Mexico. To request borrowing privileges please contact the librarian by telephone: (505) 798-6740 or email: Other persons may request a publication via interlibrary loan by visiting their local library.

Items are loaned for a period of 4 weeks but can be renewed if there are no other requests for the loaned title.

Interlibrary Loan

For the convenience of our customers, interlibrary loan services have been established with other libraries. We share resources reciprocally with other libraries both within the USA and overseas. Employees of NMDOT, local transportation agencies, and Departments of Roads within independent nations may contact the librarian through their personal pages. All other customers should contact their local library and ask for interlibrary loan.

Customers may request up to 5 items. Whenever possible services are provided at no cost to the customer, however, the lending library determines the cost of charges for shipping and/or copying at their discretion. Copies are made only when permitted by copyright law. Customers should allow two weeks for delivery of interlibrary loan items. Should there be a cost, the customer will be notified and given the option to obtain the requested item or not.

NMDOT Research Bureau Research Reports
The Research Bureau has published over 90 reports that are cataloged online. Older reports may not be available online at this time. Current reports are available in pdf format at the Research Bureau Projects page.