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Plans Specifications & Estimates (PS&E Bureau)

The PS&E Bureau manages the DOT’s competitive bidding process for the construction of transportation projects, from authorization of funds, to advertisement of projects, to award of construction contracts. In addition, the PS&E Bureau will administer the DOT's Specifications and Standard Drawings which define the construction requirements for the work. Lastly, the PS&E Bureau plays an integral role in the design of projects with their review and comments on Specification and Standard Drawing requirements commencing at the PS&E Review milestone through award of the project.

Jeffrey E. Martinez, P.E.,  Bureau Manager Office: 505-490-2620 


Contracts Unit

Contracts Unit is responsible for developing and assembling contract documents used in the advertising process for the construction/maintenance of transportation systems. The contract documents are essential for bidding and award processes and are used during construction/maintenance operations.

Contract documents are required for every transportation systems project. Contract documents are unique for each project conforming to the work being performed. Contract documents must be in compliance with Federal Regulations and State Statute. The technical specifications included in the contract documents are essential documents as the specifications dictate the controls for the work, materials, construction methods and basis of payment necessary for the defined items of work.

The advertising process, which has to be in compliance with State statue and Federal regulations, allows the DOT to award contracts for the construction of transportation systems. Further, the advertising process allows the DOT to request and receive Federal funds for its construction program.

Each month the Advertisement, Apparent Low Bids and Bid Tabulations will be posted. The Advertisement will be posted 4 weeks prior to the Bid Opening. The Planholders List will be posted the week of the Bid Opening Apparent Bids will be posted immediately following the Bid opening. Bid Tabulations will be posted once projects have been awarded.

Jeri Romero,  Office: 505-670-4218


Jeffrey E. Martinez, P.E.,  Bureau Manager Office: 505-490-2620 

License Requirements

It is not necessary for a contractor to have the license classification(s) alluded to on the individual Federal-Aid funded projects in order to submit a bid on the project. Any contractor bidding on a New Mexico highway project involving the expenditure of federal funds shall submit the required license(s) after receiving the Preliminary Notice of Award and prior to the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. Licenses may be obtained from the New Mexico Construction Industries Division. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to pay whatever fees and to take whatever measures are available by rule or regulation of the Division to expedite the securing of the required license.

All bidders on State funded projects must be licensed in New Mexico by the Construction Industries Division. The bidder must hold the proper license classification, at the time bids are submitted, for the major portion of the work to be performed based on dollar amount. The bidder shall indicate its current New Mexico Contractor's license number and classification in the contract documents where applicable. After receiving the Preliminary Notice of Award and prior to issuance of the Notice to Proceed, the apparent low bidder shall submit a copy of the "wallet card", issued by the Construction Industries Division of the Regulation And Licensing Department, to the Contract Administration Section of the New Mexico Department of Transportation, PO Box 1149 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1149 or 1120 Cerrillos Road, General Office Complex, Santa Fe, NM 87505, Telephone Number is 505-795-1401.

Internet Bidding

The Department has implemented the Bid Express website (www.bidx.com) as an official depository for electronic bid submittal.  In the case of disruption of national communications or loss of services by www.bidx.com the morning of the bid opening, the Department will delay the deadline for bid submissions to ensure the ability of potential bidders to submit bids. Instructions will be communicated to potential bidders.

For information on Digital ID, and electronic withdrawal of bids, see Bid Express website (www.bidx.com). Electronic bid bonds integrated by Surety 2000 and Insure Vision will be the only electronic bid bonds accepted for NMDOT highway construction projects. Plans and Contract Books in electronic format are also available in Bid Express.

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