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NMDOT Road Construction Projects - District 4

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District 4

James M. Gallegos
District Engineer

28 Bibb Industrial
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Tel.: 505-660-3541

Projects In The Design Phase

US 64 Alignment Study – Palo Flechado Pass to Village of Eagle Nest, Milepost 271.2 – 287.0, CN 4100700

New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are currently performing an Alignment Study on US 64 between Palo Flechado Pass and the Village of Eagle Nest.  The study will identify possible horizontal and vertical curve corrections, roadway realignment and widening and other safety improvements at key locations.  Specifically, roadway improvements are recommended for the Palo Flechado Pass area, the NM 434/US 64 intersection, the Country Club Road (Veterans Memorial)/US 64 intersection and the NM 38/US 64 intersection.  Residents, landowners, business owners and all interested parties are encouraged to review the online presentation and provide input on alternatives considered at key locations along with comments regarding bicycle, pedestrian and other issues.

Since we are unable to hold in-person public meetings, we are asking for your participation by reviewing the presentation below.  If you have questions or are unable to access the presentation, please contact Conrad Ley, PE, Project Manager, Wilson & Company, 505-205-4445 or at conrad.ley@wilsonco.com.

Project Resources

Public Meeting Presentation


Projects In The Construction Phase

US 54 mile marker 324.9 to mile maker 326.30 -- Logan

Scope: Bridge/Roadway new construction

Contractor: Fisher Sand and Gravel  Project Manager: David M. Gonzales  575-461-4619

NM 93 mile marker 0 to mile maker 1 -- Endee

Scope: Bridge/Roadway new construction

Contractor: El Terrero Construction Project Manager: David M. Gonzales  575-461-4619

Las Vegas Grand Avenue mile marker 0 to mile maker 1.7

Scope: Roadway reconstruction - Bridge Rehabilitation

Contractor: El Terrero Project Manager:  Joe Montano  575-512-5722

NM 526 from mile marker 0 to mile marker 6 Lake Maloya

The road ends at the state line. This is a permanent alert.

NM 120 from mile marker 4 to mile marker 12 Black Lake to Ocate

Dirt road may be impassable during inclement weather.  This is a permanent alert.