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Any Questions in regard to projects on this schedule or to schedule a Q/A Session please email ENG.DesignRFP@state.nm.us

FY 22 Consultant Design Program RFP Schedule  

I-25 Improved, Comanche to Montgomery Design Build Project Procurement Information CN: A301901

Important Notes

  • If any modifications (which includes any amendments) to this solicitation are issued, they will be posted at this same Internet site. Potential offerors WILL NOT be automatically notified of the existence of a modification. It is the offeror’s responsibility to monitor the listings periodically to see if any modifications have been included. FAILURE TO RETRIEVE SUCH MODIFICATIONS, AND INCLUDE THEIR PROVISIONS IN YOUR PROPOSAL, MAY RESULT IN THE DISQUALIFICATION OF YOUR PROPOSAL.
  • Submitted proposal shall not be publicly opened.
  • Proposal must be clearly indicated on the envelope.
  • All proposals shall be valid until contract is awarded.

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