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Prequalification Requirements

Pursuant to the Contractor Prequalification Rule 18.27.5 NMAC (01/01/15, as amended through 06/08/21), prime contractors shall obtain requalified status with the New Mexico Department of Transportation as a condition to submitting a bid.  Subcontractors shall obtain prequalified status before performing any work or supplying goods or services to the project.  To obtain prequalified status, prime contractors and subcontractors shall submit a timely, complete and conforming prequalification packet to the Office of Inspector General at the address on the packet.  Prime contractors shall submit a new or renewal packet no later than seven (7) calendar days before the opening of any bid.  Subcontractors shall submit a new or renewal packet before performing any work or supplying goods or services to the project.  Prequalification status is published on the Office of Inspector General’s prequalified contractors and subcontractors list.  Packets and copies of the Contractor Prequalification Rule may be obtained from the Office of Inspector General at 505-690-0057 – Jason Lujan or 505-469-6026 – Christine Carriaga.

Questions related to any aspect of the NMDOT Prequalification Program can be emailed by typing in the following address into your email browser: nmdot.prequal@state.nm.us please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link prior to submitting a question.

Contractor Prequalification FAQ

Current Rule



Official Interpretations



The W-9 should be sent to the Accounting Section of NMDOT, link provided below. NMDOT-OIG does not handle the W-9, if sent to the wrong Department this could affect your eligibility to bid on projects.

W-9 form - New contractors must complete and email to; NMDOT.vendor-reques@state.nm.us

For information regarding and concerning the Contractor Prequalification Process please contact:

NMDOT Office of Inspector General
P.O Box 1149
Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-1149
505-690-0057 - Jason Lujan
505-469-6026 - Christine Carriaga
505-690-0167 - Pamela Gallegos